Student Council

The student council helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and the headmaster.

The student council consists of two elected represenatives from each grade, 7th-12th, as well as four officers elected from grades 10th-12th. Student council members are dependable, outgoing, articulate, and display excellent leadership qualities.

Each year the entire student council goes to a leadership workshop to further help them become leaders of both their respective grades and also of the school as a whole. Also, the officers will attend a seperate workshop focusing on how to better the school and their classmates through community outreach and service projects.

Officers and Representatives : 2018-19

President - Jacey Eldridge

Vice President - Sara Burden White

Secretary - Elise Diffey

Treasurer - McKinley Ingram

12th Grade Representatives - Cade Marlow and Colby Marlow

11th Grade Representatives - Hope Pierce and Johnathan Blaylock

10th Grade Representatives - Collin Mullins and Madison Caffey

9th Grade Representatives - Audrey Eldridge and Alana Garrett

8th Grade Representatives - Autumn Lishman and Swayze Marquerdt

7th Grade Representatives - Trager Yeoman and Lexi McClain