Mission Statement

Winona Christian School is dedicated to providing our students with a Christian based college preparatory education, balancing spiritual, academic, athletic, fine arts, and social achievements.


1. Winona Christian School believes education, as a discipline, is under the kingship of Christ. Winona Christian School acknowledges their responsibility to provide education for the whole person at a level of excellence not attainable elsewhere.

2. Winona Christian School believes that a level of academic and physical training should be achieved which will properly prepare each young person for the four most important relationships into which he/she will enter, which will include:

  • A personal relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
  • A personal relationship with his fellow man.
  • A personal relationship with God’s creation.
  • 3. Winona Christian School believes that the education of a child in the biblical pattern can organize his knowledge toward a purpose, can give him/her the riches of our human culture, and can fit him/her for a useful, full life that honors God and uplifts his fellow men.