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     To the “new” student at Winona Christian School, we say “welcome” and we hope you will soon feel that you are a real part of our family and that it is your school too.  We are always willing to help you in any way to make your time at Winona Christian School pleasant and productive.
     To all returning students we are glad that you are back for another rewarding year.  Please remember to always set the example that would be pleasing to Christ.
     The student/parent handbook is designed to familiarize all of the Winona Christian School students and their parents with school regulations and policies that will affect them while they are attending school-sponsored functions.
     It must be realized, however, that when an attempt is made to formalize certain policies of this nature there is always the possibility of inadvertently omitting some regulations and that additions and deletions will be made when the need arises.  Any changes will be left to the discretion of the Board of Directors and the Headmaster. 

REMEMBER:  Winona Christian School is your school.  It will be what you make of it and will have the reputation in the community that you give it.


    1. Winona Christian School believes education, as a discipline, is under the                          kingship of Christ.  Winona Christian School acknowledges their                                      responsibility to provide education for the whole person at a level of                                excellence not attainable elsewhere.

  1. Winona Christian School believes that a level of academic and physical training should be achieved which will properly prepare each young person for the four most important relationships into which he/she will enter, which will include:

  • A personal relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
  • A personal relationship with his fellow man.
  • A personal relationship with God’s creation.
  • A personal relationship with oneself.
  1. Winona Christian School believes that the education of a child in the biblical pattern can organize his knowledge toward a purpose, can give him/her the riches of our human culture, and can fit him/her for a useful, full life that honors God and uplifts his fellow men.





            Winona Christian School is dedicated to providing our students with a Christian based college preparatory education, balancing spiritual, academic, athletic, fine arts, and social achievements. Please refer to our Handbook page for a complete copy of our rules and regulations. You may also find our forms page helpful for tuition prices, admissions applications and other forms that are printable for your convenience.



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